June 18, 2014

Me Made May & Updates

Well, I think that Me Made May was a lot of fun. I do have to confess that I totally cheated.... but I had sort of planned it that way. I'll explain: My pledge was to wear or use a Me Made item each day and since I have "made" purses that I use regularly, that counts.

My biggest problem with this challenge is that I don't get dressed every day. You see, I'm a stay home mom and unless I'm going somewhere, I don't generally bother getting dressed.... and I don't make pjs, t-shirts or sweats. When I do have to run out, this is what you will generally see:

Anyway, this challenge was very revealing to me about what I wear. I do wear all of the items that I've made. Since I just started last year, it's really not that much and most of it is geared to fancier occasions like church, date night with my husband and things like that. My sewing philosophy is that if I'm going to put the effort into making something, it's going to be worth it. I like silk chiffon, tropical weight wool and my favorite fabric is linen..... I love petting linen.

I look forward to making more clothes for myself, most likely one garment item each month. I'm holding off on the break-neck speed of something each week because it's summer. I've been pulled away from my machine for gardening, pic-nics, kids sports and clubs and I want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors.

When I do get to my machine, I've been opting for historical sewing projects. You are invited to follow those adventures over on my other blog. Here's a peak of my most recent finish, or I should say, re-finish:

In other news, I'm not going to continue the Scrap Basket Sunday Link-up. Honestly, it was really just a way to keep myself accountable as well as to be able to see what others were doing, if they wanted to share. I love being inspired by the creativity of others. However, there really was not a great deal of participation so there's no one to get disappointed now that I'm not going to host it.... so it works out fine.

I hope you are enjoying the season that you find yourself in and continue to take great pleasure in the sewing projects that compliment your life. Until next time, Happy Stitching!!!


  1. I so understand .. My reason for not doing me mades is that I am retired I dress very casually, unless I have errands to run.. And I don't want to have to take photos every day.lol So I skip them..But, I totally enjoy looking at everyone's me mades.
    Enjoy your summer vacation..

  2. I think quite a few of us do not "dress up"every day, and that is what puts me off the event - that and taking daily photos in a very busy day. Sewing things you wear seems a good plan, and once a month a really achievable goal.


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