March 30, 2014

Peach & Teal - Outfit Planning

Sitting at the corner of my sewing table is a basket full of fabrics that have been paired up with patterns. Sitting right on top is this cute embroidered, peach, shirting (from Fashion Fabrics

Peeking out from under it is this fun, coordinating, cotton poplin plaid. See that cute peach stripe in there?

Both of these were slated to be tops. However, with them spending so much time together, and looking so cute doing it, it seems only right to make them a pair. My plans for the peach shirting have stayed the same (finished) but that plaid would look adorable as a jagged front skorts (read that as the Zara origami skort) or a similar styled skirt (like this Finders Keepers skirt).

I'm leaning hard toward skorts but I have never made any pant-link item and I don't have a skorts pattern. I was able to find a really good DIY for these on-line. My biggest issues are that those Zara skorts are low at the top and way, way too short at the hem. I'd have to make mine a bit different. One of my favorite parts of that design is the pockets, you know, after the jagged edge front part. :)


  1. Love your fabrics,and can't wait to see what you decide on for the skorts.

  2. Love the plaid fabric too.. Both patterns are so cute.. Hope you find a skort pattern.. Look forward to seeing what you decide.. Happy sewing.

  3. Both fabrics look like they were made to go together. Beautiful combination. Look forward to seeing what you decide.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I'm really excited about these projects and curious to see what comes out in the end too. ;D

  4. They are both nice tops - it will be lovely seeing the peplum made up in a plaid. Good luck :)

  5. I am always so impressed when I see someone making clothing! I'm can't sew to save my life. Good luck with your shorts :)


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