March 18, 2014

New Vogue Patterns

It would be wonderful if this was a "patterns I purchased" post but alas I have not inclination of paying $30.00 for a pattern. So, we will all have to settle for an "isn't this pretty" post instead.

Vogue came out with their new catalog some time ago but I just got around to taking a really good looking at it this morning..... and isn't it nice! I quickly narrowed down my "most loved" choices to four. The first being this stunning top.

I noticed this top in their print catalog a while ago. I was mindlessly flipping through the book while waiting for the girls at JoAnn's. This image literally grabbed my attention. The first thing that I noticed was that there are no buttons, no button holes. I grabbed the envelope out of the drawer to see just what was going on. It uses snaps! Looking at it now, my eye keeps going to that lovely drapey-ness hanging off the yoke. I'll have to keep my eyes open for another $4.99 sale.

My second "oh I wish I could get that" pattern is this amazing bag.

Oh to make bags that don't look like they are home made! Isn't this one gorgeous? Honestly though, I think the biggest difference is in the hardware. It can be done, with the right stuff!

Ok, now back to clothes. Check out this dress.

What a cute and, at the same time, sophisticated dress. The style is all in the cut. It just oozes class and elegance, doesn't it?

Lastly I think this jacket is very interesting. 

I really like the peplum thing going on at the waist. As it turns out the back is cut so that it wraps around the front there at the bottom. I also like the collar, or lack there of. It still covers the neck but all in one piece. This is such an interesting design!

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