March 09, 2013

More Fabrics On The Way!!!

I hope you were able to take advantage of the sale that I told you about (here)! I didn't get any more linen but I was able to find a load of cottons for spring and summer blouses.

The silk that I ordered was just more of the salmon and yellow silks from my last order. As it turns out, I didn't get enough of those fabrics to make the tops that I want. Thankfully, they were even less expensive than last time.

The wool that I picked up, along with a brown cotton sheer will be described in my costuming blog here.

I have been so lazy in getting started with my spring/summer 2013 wardrobe! All of the fabrics that are catching my eye are pastels (as you can see from my last fabric purchase here) and I plan to make simple basics from them. I'll be updating soon with decisions on patterns.

I've been a bit distracted with designing handbags and researching types of leather and how to sew them. More on that coming in the upcoming season. Stay tuned!!

What have you made for Spring?